The Sundream is a versatile and robust conservatory awning. The Sundream Conservatory Awning is especially designed for above glass roofs or pergolas to stop sun and heat before they reach the interior of your home or business. It is a versatile and robust awning.

The Sundream runs in sturdy aluminium guide tracks that are durable and maintenance free. The front bar has powerful tie rods with high strength synthetic resin guide pulleys. The guided motion prevents the front bar from getting jammed or snapping. The internal roller houses two heavy duty spring units. These bear load while the awning extends. The cover is always under tension, ensuring it rolls in and out. The design allows for an awning to turn corners of up to 90 degrees. The steer-around design is ideal for pergolas and for A frame glass conservatories. The design can suit a wide range of structures. Awnings can extend to 6.5 metres wide and 6.5 metres in projection (limited to a total of 39m²). Coupled units extending up to 24 metres wide to a total of 120m².

All Sundream awnings are operable through motorisation. Sundream awnings come in your choice of powder coat colour.

Sundreams work perfectly as a retractable roof shade over outdoor living areas!


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